Share a meal

I call my newest project “Share a Meal, Share a Story – About Learning”. Will you share a story about learning with me?

Learning is a wonderful, natural and inherently human process. We all have our very own experiences with the process of learning.



I set out to collect 1.000 anecdotes about learning. A shared meal and your personal story about learning connect us!

What was the most surprising thing you have ever learnt?
What was the most amazing thing you have ever learnt?
What was the most surprising way you have ever learnt something?
What have you learnt with joy and fun?
Which learning happened unnoticed, without you realizing that you were learning?
What is the most important you have ever learnt?
How has learning brought you closer to realizing your dreams?

Tell me your story about one of these questions. I would like to discover the colourful diversity of how individuals learn.


Would you like to participate?

Invite me when my travels take me past your hometown: