I haven’t managed to translate any of my blog posts since January. Life is just too full! Please go to the German blog at and throw the text into Google Translate or the like.

Back home

Back in Germany. Our departure for Andalusia has been deferred for a week. Julian has an appointment on January 17th in Düsseldorf, but right after that, we will head south. I would really like to already be on the way to warmer climes, but every change of plan, every unexpected turn in life, also has […]

Return trip

A cornucopia of Alexander Technique moments was presented to me on my return trip to Germany: staying calm and serene while waiting out on the stormy channel for the port of Calais to re-open, not being scared stiff when three men ran across the motorway right in front of me in the dark near Calais […]


I’m really enjoying planning my year 2018: perusing through the calendar, considering what would be possible, discarding plans that had already been made, because another opportunity came along, allowing for gaps and leisure time… I am very curious to discover how 2018 will unfold in real life!

Why not?

“Some people see the world as it is and ask why. I see the world as it can be and ask why not.” Thank you for these words, Don! Adapted from George Bernard Shaw in “Back To Methuselah”: “You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, […]


I tremendously enjoyed my quiet days in Devon! Picturesque little English villages, chestnuts over the open fire, Christmas lunch at the gardening club, walk around amongst the Exmoor Ponies and so much more. A heartfelt thank you to my hosts Adrian, Pat and Martin! (unfortunately, these pictures can’t express how lovely my time was, but […]

Beech Hill

I was invited to visit Lehla and her family. In their book “Jump, fall, fly”, Lehla and Anthony talk about their journey from schooling to homeschooling to unschooling. Thank you for a lovely afternoon in Devon with tea, wonderful conversations, Alexander Technique and Christmas card making!