Alexander Technique

One of the key ideas of the Alexander Technique is more freedom and flexibility in our movements and in our thinking.

The principles of Frederick Matthias Alexander have been my companion for the past seven years, and every day I discover with much enthusiasm what I can do more easily and how I can enjoy life even more. And each discovery is another step towards freedom.

If you’d like to know more about this “new way of living” – as Alexander called it himself –

I can offer you:

Trial Workshop
“Instruction manual for my self”

Easier and more flexible through life with the Alexander Technique

A lively introduction to the Alexander Technique and invitation to experience it yourself

2 hours
15,- EUR per person

Weekend Workshop
“Change starts with me”

A workshop for everybody who would like to change something in their life or who wants to realize their full potential

4 blocks of 3 hours each
180,- EUR per person
max. 10 participants


3 blocks of 3 hours each
135,- EUR per person
max. 10 participants

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